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Know the Early Signs of Dementia that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Do you know one who is showing such strange behavior? Probably, it is a loved one or a co-worker. You have to understand that this can be a sign of a more serious issue. Know that these are signs of dementia which you must take note of and know more about. As one grows older, there will be a higher chance of having dementia. For the individuals between 65 and 70 years old, there is actually 1 in 70 who may have this kind of disease. For those who are over 80 years old, one out of four may have this disease.

The effects can surely strike hard when dementia would hit a person. It is just fortunate that when you know find this out earlier, then a doctor can help to slow down the effects of dementia. Get to know more about certain indications that you must take note so that you will be able to catch the effects of dementia at the early stages.

One thing that you should notice is a person doesnt know how to perform those common tasks, especially those which are once done with ease. You may see that one doesn’t know how to write his name, unlock the door or start the dishwasher. This can just be a small thing that you may notice. Another sign may also be a difficulty in going around a familiar place. But over time, this will get worse and this can result in having problem with those very simple tasks.

Another early sign of dementia is having trouble in performing simple math. If one is having difficulty in counting the change or adding numbers which you may easily add, then dementia could be affecting the person already.

The person may have problem in budgeting as well as spending when one is not able to do basic math. If the money habits change substantially from what they were before, it would be important to see a doctor and know more about the problem.

When dementia is starting to set in, a person may also have short-term memory loss. One may tend to forget the things which occurred in the last 30 seconds. When a persons memory seems to disappear into a void, then one may be experiencing short-term memory loss. These are among the things that you have to observe and get to know more about.

It is also an early sign of dementia if the person is putting items in peculiar places. If your loved one is doing things without knowing the fact that dementia is responsible. Each person can forget things at times but it is surely different if one is doing so frequently. There are many other early signs of dementia that you should know of and it is quite important that you know more about these things for you and your loved ones.

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