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Three Bizarre Crime News Stories that Totally Shocked the World
You will should to learn that the number of people who have college degrees in America is the same as people with criminal records. Dropping crime rate in America is becoming a challenging task to the justice department. One of the most common reasons why criminals are caught is due to stupidity. Hence, it is bizarre when you hear stories of big crimes that these stupid people attempt to pull off. Here are three bizarre crime news stories that will totally shock the world.

The first story is about a man who fakes death by dressing up as a corpse. What laws would you be ready to break if you knew that the payoff was two million dollars? A couple from Twin cities choose to fake death to get this amount of money. The couple used unknown corpse which was presented as evidence for the death of the husband. Hence, the wife received two million dollars from the insurance company for the claim of the husband died. Everything has gone as planned until the man was later arrested for mail fraud. Hence, uncovering the couples scheme to fake the husband death.

The other weird crime story is about a man who sat for two days in a grease vent. The 29 years old man came up with a brilliant plan to break in using the vent to get inside the Chinese restaurant. The idea was simple as all the suspect had to do was remove all clothes and slide down the grease vent. The man was shocked when he found out that the vent had a 90-degree turn. Therefore, the man was trapped since he could not move up or down from this point. The man discovered that there was no way out he decides to scream for help and was rescued and arrested on the second day.

Man stabs the Burrito Assailant is one of the weird news headlines you may have seen. Physical abuse in a marriage is terrible. You may however not know how to react when you hear weird things that married people do when angry with each other. Suzanne Hulver and Carl Smith a couple from Florida enjoyed goofing around. It was reported that the husband stabbed the wife with a fork on her hand. You can only imagine the reaction of bail bonds agency like AA-Action Bail Bonds when they get such a case.

Bizarre news stories makes you wonder what some people think when committing a crime.

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